Autorship & Research

CTS First Week – Autorship & Research

This week we had the chance to meet our library mentor, which ended up to be also our morning lecturer. She introduced us to a couple of very useful and important concepts: research and authorship. The lecture had different tasks and steps to let us investigate into those concept and help us to really understand what might be the most useful and essential task for us in the next 3 years or so. Personally, I have a complete different personal approach to the graphic design world meaning that I’m not used to research much; If course requires research, I wish it wouldn’t be that essential until the point that my marks/progression are determined by it.

The lecture started with the introduction to the concept/definition of an author and authorship saying something that I found very interesting: we are all authors, meaning that we all create something at some point therefore we all are content creators. Even if those two concepts are linked, I think authorship is something more rare: not everyone can have authorship on something, if someone has already got authorship on something is very rare that another person or group of people can take on the former authorship.

Other concept we discussed were context and authority, the former let you understand if a source is useful for your academic research and the latter helps you understand the suitability/reliability of the source. She then concluded talking about critical thinking suggesting that as creative people our critical voice needs to be spread and heard by others.

While she presented us to this lecture she also gave us two tasks to complete. The goals were for us to understand what are the best sources of information (blog, twitter etc) for our research and to let us know that research can also be done just through multiple questions, even if we don’t know much about the subject.

This is one of the two tasks we were asked to complete: they gave us a list of sources of information and in group we had to order the list by importance. We were asked to complete this task twice: at the start of the lecture, and at the end after we learnt more about the importance of source material.


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