A brand (new) society…

You, Me, and the brands we know – Week 3

Brands and identities are what nowadays society is made of, literally. We live in a world where brands can be seen in every corner and have the power to shape society itself. As such, we could say that companies use brands to draw us to buy their products and to try to persuade as much people as possible ( I’m referring also to people which aren’t linked to the brand target itself) to try it at least once.

Tim started this week CTS showing us one of the most used (which means it works) and controversial fonts used in modern industry: Helvetica; Starting point for an interesting question he then raised:

we use brand identities to define and design who we are, but how can brands help us to really define ourselves?

Storytelling and narratives are the answer, which are what really define a successful brand. Through this two keywords people can easily relate to a brand (and buy it!). Independence, rebelliousness, caring and creativity are just a few example on which a brand can relies on for a compelling narrative. An example could be Nike (a brand with both caring and creativity driven narrative), that gives its customers the chance to go full creative and customize their own shoes, pretty much the future.

As the second part of our session, JP introduced us to sub-branding and competitive branding: as for the former, a brand could include other brands called sub-brands (not less important): almost like two brands work together for a bigger purpose. An example could be Apple (the main brand) having a partnership with Intel (the sub-brand) for its micro-processor, essential for any computer; The latter is more of an obvious way of doing things: differentiate two products of the same category (e.g kitchen soap) through a complete different approach to the brand image itself.


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