The art of (indirectly) repeating yourself

Is it possible to win an election thanks to social media? YES IT IS.

No one ever thought this was even remotely possible, but it happened. Social media helped Donald Trump winning 2016 elections with a bang!

As Hito Steyerl point out in her “In Defense of the Poor Image”(2012), ‘there are people who care enough about photos to convert them over and over again, to add subtitles, reedit, or upload them’. Millions (billions!) of people will get to see them.

This is basically how Donald Trump won the elections.

People will wonder “ If half of the world still despise him, how Donald Trump won the elections? Why he won thanks to social media?“. The answer is around the corner: people still despise him, that’s the secret. People all over the globe got up one day and started to get conscious of this new freak phenomenon ready to rule America. Even if the vast majority kept sharing negative images (the so called memes) of Donald Trump, this endless sharing brought “brand” awareness to a whole new level and the new president-elected himself to a new glory, in no time he became King of the Web!

We could say that differently from Clinton (which created an entire new brand for her 2016 campaign), in order to get elected Trump didn’t really move a finger, his awareness campaign was already set in motion thanks to social media. Even if social media were a huge part of Trump 2016 Triumph, many people were already familiar with his billionaire (playboy philanthropist?) figure due to his famous luxury hotel business, so perhaps this is also another reason why.

There is (still) apparently no undebatable reason why Trump won, people are still getting their heads around it, and if there is even one, only few lobbies knows.

Will we ever know the real reason behind this nightmarish victory?


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