Portrait Of Author Susan Sontag
Portrait of American author and critic Susan Sontag (1933 – 2004) smiles broadly as she leans, arms crossed, against a bookshelf in the offices of her publisher, Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, New York, New York, January 23, 1978. (Photo by William E. Sauro/New York Times Co./Getty Images)

The work of art itself is also a vibrant, magical, and exemplary object which returns us to the world in some way more open and enriched.

Among all of the different topics we discussed today about Susan Sontag, this was the best line from her way of thinking. It’s always a pleasure when you come across something so powerful and inspiring that re-shapes your way of thinking about that specific topic, or even the whole world around you.

Other people’s perspectives on topics you care about are so important that they could deeply affect your persona, personally and professionally speaking. We could look at this re-shape of the mind as a step-by-step journey in which we will get to know ourselves better or perhaps even change our mindset, habits and ways of seeing things forever.

Something like that happened to me last year.

I casually came across this wonderful “photobook” called Overview (by Benjamin Grant) where the author shows planet earth in an amazingly vibrant, magical never seen before way that got me literally petrified.

It all started by mistake.


The author himself got this great idea of generating images of planet earth from a satellite point-of-view by mistake. As stated in his book preface, as soon as Grant decided to create a physical book including all his satellite photos he collected so far, he decided to start use a more sofisticated satellite programme to make everything possible.

Many will think that we might already have something that allow us to generate this kind of pictures (via google maps or similar), but still, no one ever came to the conclusion of portraying such detailed and sofisticated images in a dedicated top-notch book.

Vibrant colours and same layout throughout all the book allows the book to be seen as a magical journey through the unseen beauty of our world.


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