The Eagle Saved Us


1946. Truce.

United Nations decided to sacrifice earth below to grant him a place to reign in peace. This was unacceptable. By 1947, people back home started rioting, until finally, United Nation realised how big the damage was. It was too late. Hitler already made his master plan a concrete reality.

Nazis were now controlling teleporting gates down here, giving earth no choice than leave us helpless. We were on our own. God really forgot us there. To honour himself, what was left of Old York was renamed Hitlersburg, a big open-air graveyard to display his accomplishments. Italians, English and Americans who failed to rescue us were buried there. God knows how many were there. Big massive statues of Nazi eagles surrounded every corner of those still standing cities. Watching over the city, was Hitler’s nest; the former Old York spaceship compound gate was now a fifty plus storeys high building in the shape of a three-hundred feet Nazi eagle, creeping us all from high above.

White people, the good ones, the ones still alive, were the only one left, trying to find a way to dethrone and kill Hitler and finally be able to call this side home again. White people, the so-called bad seeds, were recruited to help prevent any foreseeable coup and attempt to kill master H. Ruling undisputed was only the first step. Each and every one of us was part of a shadow-net working every day towards a common goal. Unfortunately, news about rebels cells spread all over Hitlersburg like a plague, by the next few weeks we were exposed. We became dead men walking. They tried to assure us, telling us we were almost there, a couple of months away from our freedom, we would have been faster eradicating evil than him finalize his final phase plan, they said. How naïve. We all knew he had plans of conquering earth once again, but this time around, he would definitely lead his army to the final victory.

That was our worst nightmare.

In the suburbs people were tired of living like that, but as Christmas was approaching they nevertheless decided to start decorating. We all were a little bit less hopeless than usual this year. For so long, we all wanted to go home and reach our beloved ones. Those last few months we all felt something was about to change, this time for good.

That day the city was more silent than usual, curfew was anticipated by about two hours, I felt there was something going on in the eagle tower, something was about to happen. Suddenly, from Hitler’s base, a blinding light came out of the eagle’s beak, pointing west. Was Hitler’s new plan coming to a resolution? The blinding light was still on; when we started to glimpse United Nation allies’ spaceships from a distance. We could not believe it; the other side had just activated the secret teleporting gate hidden in the old spaceship compound beneath the eagle. We were finally free. In a few hours, the eagle was destroyed and Hitler’s army fell shortly after, no sign of the man himself.

All that matters was that we were finally free. The eagle saved us.


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